They no longer compliment my deeds, I’ve become a metaphor: I’m a “hyena in sheep’s skin.”

I did not teach them to stay on kasi corners, it is not me. I never taught them to chill at shops and ask for R2 to smoke. Believe me, I did not choose for them to smoke.

Everyone is talking about me in my hood, they ask themselves why I still listen to my parent? Why am I not even smoking? What is so special about me? It is not me! I only wanted a better life. I wanted my parent to be proud of me and I wanted to be unique so that I can influence good deeds.

But all of you are against my attitude, you call me names. The sad part is that I never taught anyone anything, I am just simple. I did not say I am better, it is not me. You said it though it does not exist, but nevertheless I shall remain myself.


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