It was love at first sight. Keith already had hope that things would work out eventually, as he felt an electrifying feeling he had never felt before when looking into Amanda’s brown eyes. Days passed by with no presence of this beautiful girl he was in love with. He was starting to get edgy, asking himself if he would ever see her again. Little did he know, that he was related to her.

After a few months, Keith confided in his big sister Chloe about Amanda. Only to find out that the beautiful chick he was deeply in love with was his second cousin. His heart was broken, when he received the shocking news. Chloe was just laughing at the whole situation, not realising the damage it did to her little brother.

Keith decided to have a serious talk with Amanda so that they could find a way forward to the situation.
“I guess by now you’ve noticed that I have feelings for you,” Keith said
“Yeah, I did notice because I feel the same way. So, what do we do now?” Amanda replied.
“I’m confused, fighting this has to be the hardest thing that I’ve ever done in my life but I need you to keep your distance,”
“But…” Amanda started to protest.

“That’s the only way, trust me. I don’t want any conflict within our families because of this and-” Keith interrupted her.

Amanda interrupted him as well, “Look I understand and respect your decision, because the closer we are together things might get complicated and I don’t want that. So yeah, I guess this is goodbye.”

They both decided to never contact each other again, because even though it felt so real they knew that their love was forbidden and they could not really go against the adults. Keith’s heart was busy fighting with his mind but this time around, he didn’t let his feelings get the better of him.


Tell us: What would you do if you were in Keith and Amanda’s situation?