Life is full of surprises. Poverty is growing every now and then but it is in our hands to make a change in our society. I believe that if we can find and give hope in ourselves, we can be able to find purpose in life and break all the barriers we meet while trying to make a living.

I tell myself that I’m not a failure every morning and my subconscious has adapted to that. Tell yourself that you will archive a particular goal and it will eventually happen. The doors you want to open will open when you are a smart worker; don’t be a hard worker, be a smart worker because when you are smart you find it easier to generate ideas to build your future.

Quitting is cowardly, do not quit. T.D. Jakes once said, if what you are doing is not your thing, it would be the thing, which will lead you to the thing you really want. So make all the failures you came across be the reason why you become a winner.

Read books – self-education is a big tool that will liberate you from poverty. DJ Sbu is successful because he set goals and he believed in himself. So be like him, put in the work and believe in your passion because it will give you the ability to hustle.

Hustling is a great idea and I believe that if we start hustling today, our lives will never be the same. Do not forget all you have to do is to find and give hope now because it’s better to start earlier rather than later.


Tell us: What is hustling and why is it so important?