Valentine’s Day comes around one day in a year in February. It plays an important role in our lives and we can’t wait for that time once again. Valentine’s Day is around the corner we experience it with our loved ones.

Verlencia had never had a Valentine’s partner before. This was her first year having one. She was excited as this day was on its way, she was already planning ahead. She bought herself an outfit that included red shoes and a red dress. She was going to meet her boyfriend in front of the stadium. He was wearing red.

She came closer and he gave her a rose. She took it and smiled then he gave her a box of chocolates. She was excited that she kissed him on the lips. She gave him a tight hug and told him she loves him. He looked deep into her eyes told her he’ll do anything for her.

They entered the stadium holding hands. He chose a place for them to sit. When they’re seated he looked at her again and said, “I don’t want anyone to take you away from me,” then he kissed her again. They watched the game and right during half time, he did something.

He got up from his sit, wet down on his knee and pulled out a little box from his jacket pocket. In front of everyone he asked her to marry him. She screamed and everyone turned. She said YES and kissed him. People started clapping. From that day on, every Valentine’s Day they spend at the stadium. That day was the best day of her life.