As beautiful as it gets every time I glance at it, a smile forms on my lips just at the thought of it and my heart warms with love and gratitude. Excitement fills my blood and the joy is inexplicable.

Memories are made through this silver necklace. It’s pure beauty is a sight to adore. It rests around my neck like my treasured possession, for it is my possession. Every year brings new memories and new beginnings, but this particular object holds more memories than one could ever think of.

Just at the thought of it I wonder if it is not a natural treasure. Because only nature can produce such beauty. I wonder from which roots this silver beauty comes from, for my eyes have never experienced such a sight. A worldly possession so beautiful, of course people are
bound to fall in love with it. Just as I fell so deeply in love with it at first sight.

As I cling onto it every Sunday morning, dressed for the church, I smile in the mirror at how beautiful it looks on my brown, chocolate-coated skin. Every eye that takes note of me wonders why such a young child is so deeply grounded in the depths of love. But it all goes back to the day I received it. More memories.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, just like every other Sunday morning, but this one had a particular twist to it. It was my 13th birthday.

You would be wondering why my face had a special kind of glow at the end of that particular day. They say the warmest hands are the hands of your grandmother’s and that’s exactly what I realised that beautiful day. She handed over this beautiful necklace to me and oh my, oh my, it was love at first sight.

My heart was beating so fast. It felt like the clock had stopped ticking and the world would end any minute. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever set my eyes on in all my 13 years of life.

When nights got colder, it clung softly onto my skin as if to comfort me. When the winter got darker and the rain poured, I remembered the day she was gone like it was just yesterday. She, who gave me such a gift that warms my soul and comforts me just as she did. The touch of the silver necklace on my skin feels like her very same special touch. That special touch that would calm my stubborn soul and bring so much love to my defeated heart.

Memories are formed through this silver necklace; both good and bad. But as I glance at this possession, it owns my soul and becomes nothing more than my treasured possession.