I can’t say I was depressed, but I had more of anxiety. At first I thought life was just unfair, only to realise that was love covered in hard shells because through it all, I learnt how to walk in that coldness without shivering.

In this world full of choices, I made mine, hoping I would face no obstacles, but what’s a journey without one? Growing up away from your parents is like a rose with no petals, reassurance of love is not complete. All I need is a ticket to God, just to ask, why is my soul not connected to Mother Earth, why am I emotionally burdened and spiritually shaken?

Tranquillity is what my heart desires, happiness is what my soul longs for but what must happen if life shows that you’re not wanted? God, what should I do?

My fears have already taken advantage of my strength. What I’m passionate about has turned into my weakness. Writing turned into my prophecy, telling a journey became my therapy, allowing my feelings to take over became my healing. I’ve always known in the back of my mind that I’m not wanted, but what if my destiny is where I’m not wanted?

I’ve received support throughout my life but it wouldn’t reach where my worries were.
But what does a teenage girl do when the world becomes ungodly? My journey began 16 years ago but it’s already tiring.

Peace, love and humanity only visit me once in a blue moon, but sorrow became my shadow in this lonely world. Nobody wants me and I’ve never been wanted.

Tell us: What words of advice can you give to someone who feels unloved and unwanted?