It was a cloudy day and Adele was walking from her home to a coffee shop. She entered and sat down. After a few minutes, the waiter brought her coffee. She drank it, paid and started to walk towards the door, but she wasn’t paying any attention so she bumped into someone and fell to the ground. When she looked up she saw a very cute guy; her heart skipped a beat. The guy helped her up and he walked with her. They got to know each other a bit.

Adele went home and she was in her own world dreaming about herself and that guy, and when night fell she was still in her fantasy. She slept thinking about him.

In the morning she prepared for school. She hugged her mom as usual and left for school. She walked and, in the middle of the road, she saw that guy again. She couldn’t control how she was feeling. She was very nervous.

The guy came closer to her and told her that he liked her and she smiled. The guy invited her to his house for a party. She accepted and then he left. She was over the moon, but she could not understand that guy, he was very strange, like non-human, but then again it was OK because she had fallen deeply for him.

She came back from school and prepared her outfit for the following day to go to the party. Hours passed quickly and it was morning. She took a bath in the afternoon. She dressed well and went to the guy’s house and knocked. The guy opened the door and she entered. She saw two men wearing strange black clothes and one girl was wearing red and she asked him if they were going to have a party with a few people.

Adele could see that something was wrong, but she pretended like she could not see it. Then the girl called everyone to talk to them, but not her. Adele followed them and overhead them saying they wanted to kill her and give her heart to their demonic leader.

She looked for a weapon in the house and she found a big knife and hid it in her dress. They came back after a while and she knew she had to act fast. She asked to go to the toilet and the girl took her. Adele killed the girl in the toilet and left. She saw a man outside the toilet so she also stabbed him. She walked on and saw another person standing in the passage so she hit him with a flower vessel and he died. She was left facing the guy she loved.

She fought with him and she killed him too. She was now covered with blood and she smiled for her victory, but when she wanted to open the door, the handle was as hot as boiling metal; only demons could open the door.

She lived there suffering and she ate the food that was there. The food finished within a year and she remembered her family who were probably looking for her. She ended her suffering by taking her own life.

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