The only moment that I am going to stop standing a chance, is only when I finally get the chance I have been standing for, Faith tells me.

“Your day will come,” Hope says.

“Never give up,” Patience said.

“One step at a time,” Optimism, Determination and Perseverance shouted.

“Look beyond! You are getting there!” Experience laughed out loud, wailing, “look back where you from, why are you doubting and worrying?”

I then smiled with tears welling in my eyes. My brothers and sisters, you would have died through abortion or a miscarriage if it wasn’t your worth to be where you are today. Never forget any of your fantasies and never stop seeking the right route to take. Every Challenge is an experience.

Mark the spots you fell on and preserve the testimony for those who may one day take the same route. It will help them to take caution and they will not miss the steps you have missed nor fall at the same spot you fell on.

You have the word CAN within the word CAN’T and the word IMPOSSIBLE has the word POSSIBLE within it. Stay positive, what belongs to you shall be given unto you when you reach that place you belong to.

The End