It was almost midnight. Gogo entered Thembisa’s room with a puzzled look.

“Gogo, what’s wrong?” Thembisa asked, worried. “Is it your blood pressure?”

Gogo then told her that she hadn’t been honest with her ever since her parents passed away on their vacation trip.

“Mntanami, you have spiritual gifts and your mother didn’t accept them, so they are passed on to you,” Gogo said.

Thembisa’s eyes were filled with a range of disappointment, anger and fear. Not having so much to say to her Gogo, she asked her to close the door behind her.

“Ngiyaxolisa mzukulu, ulale kahle.”

It was Thursday morning. Thembisa wasn’t ready for school. A knock came, it was Linda, her friend.

“Chommie, why are you not ready for school? We’re writing a test today.”

Thembisa was lost in her own thoughts, she had totally forgotten about the test. All that was in her mind was what Gogo said. She prepared for school and off they went.

At breaktime Linda asked Thembisa if she was OK and Thembisa started crying and told her everything her Gogo said.

Linda was so cool hearing this. “I’m sorry, friend, but I also had dreams about you having spiritual gifts and you have to accept it,” she explained to Thembisa.

Thembisa came back from school and asked her Gogo what should she do.

“Gogo, I’m scared and I just want to do the right thing before it’s too late, ngenzeni, Gogo?” She was getting more worried about the whole situation.

“Don’t worry, mntanami, you should go and see your Gogo from your father’s side, she only has answers for you,” Gogo told her.

So Thembisa accepted her calling and everything fell into the right place.

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