I was born into the world like a planted seed. I grew inside a warm womb which was like a garden tree surrounded by roses. The atmosphere was filled with a sweet fragrance. I didn’t know anything, but I’d always hear words which sounded like sweet melodies in my ears. I would hear footsteps which made a rhythm. If I knew drums I would say they sounded like the marimba. I couldn’t help it, I suddenly started dancing with each rhythm. My heart was filled with enthusiasm I couldn’t explain.

Don’t ask me, I was in love with that atmosphere, the womb. It was during those moments when I suddenly saw a bright white light. Then I started hearing scratching and twitching sounds. I became nervous, then I got the shock of my life when I felt something I never knew. I couldn’t help it, I screamed! I couldn’t see anything, but I did hear drums. I now know they were clapping hands, you know whose. Because that is how I came into this world. I was born with nothing, but holding something which assured me that I’ll die for something.

My sweet lover, I didn’t know anything about you. But I knew for sure that you had something of mine which I needed in order for me to complete my puzzle. That something comes naturally and it is the greatest law amongst them all. It is the only solution to all the pains and troubles of this world; that is nothing else other than greatest love.

The love I knew was set over the valleys and hills. As its veins are like the roots of bamboo trees, which emerged deeper from the stream, the heart! Its blood runs like water from an opened tap. When the heart beats, the blood flows into vessels which spread across the entire body.

My sweet lover, if love is a cure and the greatest law among them all, how can it hurt so much? How can a sweet, caring and loving creature like you turn into a sour and bitter pill to swallow? If I knew nothing about sweet love, I wouldn’t have been so deep into my thoughts, questioning its existence, as I knew it even before I came into this world. I’m the result of love, if it’s of human love, then I’m the result of God’s will. If He loved the world so much that He sacrificed His only son to die for our sins, why can’t we love each other to that extent?


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