“Vuka, mama vuka!!” (Wake up, mom wake up)

I shouted so loudly hoping that she’d wake up, I screamed my lungs out in order for her to hear my voice. They covered her with a white cloth and they said, “Thuli, umama akasekho,” (Thuli, mom passed away)
Those are the words that I didn’t want to believe; I kept screaming hoping that she would wake up and tell me to keep quiet. Few days passed, I still hoped that mom would be back from work since she never came back home since that morning; I kept singing her favourite song, made her breakfast and supper each day.

Her funeral came and passed, I still hoped that my mom would come back; I noticed how dad was, depressed and lonely since mom’s death and realised that he never uttered words. I was my parents one and only child, I was their treasure. Two weeks after mom’s passing, dad followed her the same way she left us. I was admitted in hospital for four weeks, I couldn’t take the pain that I was feeling. I tried committing suicide but it never worked, all I needed was my family to be happy again but ‘Thuli was left alone to be an orphan,’

I longed for my parents love; family members would only come when they needed money since I inherited my parents’ belongings. I longed for love in different places, got into relationships in order to find the same love that my parents gave me but I never received it.
Few months later I got pregnant, tried terminating but it was too late; the doctor told me I was carrying twins and I was four months pregnant. I kept crying, my feelings were all over the place, I was given hope and an opportunity to love my kids the same way my parents loved me but I was sad because my mother wouldn’t be able to help me raise my kids.

I gave birth to two beautiful babies, a boy and a girl; they both have a resemblance of their grandparents. I was cursed to be blessed, my parents were taken away from me but I got an opportunity to raise two beautiful babies.


Tell us: What has come as a curse but became a blessing in your life?