If I only I had listened to my parents, life would’ve been so easy for me, I regret everything I’ve done in the past. I grew up as an only child, my parents were working in Cape Town so they hired someone to take care of me.

As I was growing older without my parents’ guidance, I didn’t want the lady I was staying with to tell me what was right or wrong because in my mind I had already made a decision about my life. That my parents didn’t love me, they only came when it suited them.

I became stubborn as I was reaching 16 years old, getting more peer pressure and drinking alcohol. Having so many boyfriends and sleeping around on top of those boyfriends.
I was busy telling myself I was living my life as I liked. My parents would come back just for my cases at school, home and neighbours were complaining about my behaviour.

But did I ever listen to them while they were giving me lectures? No. So here I am now pregnant, no matric, I don’t know who the father of my child is and I am regretting not listening to my parents.


Tell us: Is there something you regret in your life? Why or why not?