You may be more muscular than me but that doesn’t give you a right to disrespect me, to treat me like I am cheap and I do not know my worth. It’s okay I get it you are a male I am a female but that does not change anything you do not have to discriminate against me, to treat me like I’m nothing.

It seems like you forgot that in “female” there’s “male” and in “woman” there’s “man”, which means I’m part of both worlds and I’m stronger than you think. It’s unfair that only you get noticed and get to take all the glory for bad stuff. Aren’t you tired of girls and women crying because you abused them, because you hurt them in every way? Honestly, I think you are a coward, because you use the little power you have to pull women down and trust me, it’s not worth it. You should be a better man.

The fact that you grew up in an abusive family is not an excuse, because you can change that, it doesn’t have to be a generational curse. Are you really proud of hurting the people who love you? Let me tell you something, it takes a real man to stand up and do right and with that said, I’d like to rest my case. I hope you can change before it’s too late. I still love you although, I can’t promise that I’ll love you forever. I cannot fall in love with a beast, a living monster, no, I disagree, I know better than that.

To think I thought you will be the one who fights for me who would fight my battles, but I was wrong, instead you’re fighting me. Don’t worry, you made me stronger. I am a rock now and I know better, I’m much more than you.


Tell us: Do you agree that growing up in an abusive family is not an excuse for being abusive?