This word is the most trending word in the universe: at school, in the market, on social networks and also in the church. The word “crush” is an inevitable point of discussion among youths and young adults.

And due to its diversified nature, or rather broad and general use, it has become complex and defined in multiple ways that are confusing and misinforming altogether.

But wait a second, let’s throw away the trash and look at the content, in other words let’s simplify the matter and look at the basic meaning of the word “crush”.

CRUSH: The feeling of crush on its own is a general word, it is not a slang or made-up word. It means someone, either a boy or girl, is infatuated with another person’s looks or personality especially an older person.

Infatuation is a state where someone behaves stupidly or unreasonably because of being intoxicated with the feeling of “love”; “love” in quotes (that’s not real love). Okay to bring it down to A.B.C:

1. That feeling that makes you think someone is perfect.

2. That makes your heartbeat pound faster than normal when he/she approaches.

3. That makes your mind travel to Disneyland and creates cartoon animations of how you are a prince and she is a queen or otherwise as the case may be.

4. That makes you neglect your study time and waste it on thoughts about such individual.

5. That makes you like somebody even when they do disgusting things, you still think that those things are lovely or funny.

Yeah that’s some hints on how the feeling of crush can be, and it is usually predominant in the teen years, Now read on the next post let’s analyse and understand this feeling much better so it won’t consume us or create havoc in our life.


This feeling is not talked about by our parents and it has led to a lot of youthful vices and exuberances, pregnancies and abortions. The worst part is that when the other party (ie the one you are crushing on) doesn’t even know or rather doesn’t care, the feeling still persists leading to frustration and confusion and in severe cases depression, when you hear people saying these things below then your know your crush is at work and it’s not love.

1. He/she is my life.

2. I can’t do without her/him.

3. I will die if you take her/him from me.

4. I love him/her more than my mother.

And to mention but a few, these are all cases when the immature mind of young teenagers are intoxicated with the feeling of a crush and they mistakenly think they are in love; which is false.


1. Crush is a temporal intoxicating feeling that comes and goes on it’s own natural course, unless you build on it or rather amplify it to your own detriment.

2. It is purely natural and cannot be fought against, so fasting and prayers won’t help okay, just allow yourself to pass through that phase in life without intensifying it or building your castles in the air.

3. Acceptance and maturity is needed to handle the feeling, so don’t try and block out the feeling, cause the more you do the more it bounces back to you on a greater frequency.

4. You don’t state the time or place where it happens, it just comes on its own accord.

5. It is not love, though it may transcend to love, but it should not be mistaken to be love.

6. If the feeling of crush towards someone continues probably after 2 or 3 yrs then you need to go back to the drawing board and reconstruct your mind, cause your life/destiny car is on reverse and on a very high speed.

7. Finally, after the feeling of crush diminishes there is a calm likeness that will fill its place towards that person and that likeness is pure, holy and lingers forever.


Now that we have been enlightened on the matters concerning the feeling “crush”, I hope that you will be the captain of your ship through that turbulent and wonderful phase of youth age rather than to be controlled by it.

It is pointless to be daydreaming or living in the clouds all day, when you should be doing something useful with your life. One dangerous and sensitive aspect of the feeling crush when left UNCHECKED is the tendency of the individual to relapse into lustful thinking, masturbation and finally being addicted to it, all to the individual’s detriment.

I leave you with the words of Solomon, the wisest and richest king in the Bible (Proverb 4: 20 – 24) “Listen, son of mine to what I say, listen carefully. Keep these thoughts ever in mind; let them penetrate deep within your heart, for they will mean life for you, and radiant health. Above all else GUARD YOUR AFFECTIONS FOR THEY INFLUENCE EVERYTHING ELSE IN YOUR LIFE.”