I dream, yes, and so does everyone. Happiness in life right now is understated, but still I always walk away with a smile on my face. I am worried about seeing you, a particular person in my dreams; what the meaning is I have no idea. They say that dreams reveal what our subconscious is thinking or feeling. Could this mean I am thinking of you subconsciously and in reality I am trying to avoid you?

I am still puzzled by the dreams I have been having about you. In the dreams you are with me, but in reality you don’t even notice me nor see me. I know I may not be beautiful to match your desires, and that could be the reason why you don’t see me. But see, I have been dreaming about you, every time I see you in reality I am even scared of looking at you; this pains me. I wonder if you dream about me too? Since I have been dreaming about you, I can’t shake the feeling that you may too. I read somewhere that when you dream about someone it’s possible they might be dreaming about you too.

So why don’t you come closer to me, just like in the dream? I wish this would happen, I want to hold you close just like the dream. If only dreams could come true, I would be the happiest person in reality.

And if nothing happens in reality, please get out of my dreams. My heart is weakened every time I wake up and realise it was just a dream. I just have to find a remedy or something to remove you from my dreams, because now I am even irritated when I see you in reality, and I wish I had never laid my eyes on you.

Sweet dreams please end, because reality hurts.


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