Everyone is unique and we all know that we have different thoughts and goals. We all have freedom of choice but it does come with certain problems. A speaker once said: “You may be friends, and tend to act the same way but your thoughts will never be the same.”

Bad choices tend to have bad consequences. Mostly good choices bear good fruits. Everyone can make the right choice. All it takes is confidence and positive thinking.

In a group of friends one would be surrounded by drug abusers and it takes ten seconds to register that this is wrong. Being able to see the light in the midst of darkness shows intelligence. You do good, you feel good.

Moreover procrastination is the thief of time. Making the most of the time we have and the choices that we make is essential. It begins today to build a better future based on the choices that we make.

However, when we make bad choices we may find that we are shooting ourselves in the foot. More haste, less speed. When one has low self-esteem one can feel weak and fall victim to peer pressure. Temptation can lead a man astray.

It is a fact that the human mind is controlled by the heart. The only constant is change. Learning from our past mistakes may help prevent future chaos.

Seeking advice from time to time makes life easier. What may seem right in one’s perspective may be wrong regarding someone’s perspective.

Tell us what you think: Do you agree that bad choices have bad consequences? Have choices you’ve made had an impact on your life?