I am an open book being read aloud. Flowing chapter by chapter unfolding new memories. Luxuries are my source of joy.

Technology makes my life sail smoothly like a ship in water. I spend most of my time watching television, a technological device that broadcasts daily shows that entertains my mind. It demands focus. I was watching TV the other day and I couldn’t help myself the story was really romantic.

I also enjoy listening to music. I think music heals the soul. Whenever I listen to music all my sorrows go away. My spirit becomes uplifted, my hopes are revived. I feel more alive. For a few seconds my life is a visual portrait of who I want to be.

Education also takes priority in my life. Mostly I enjoy doing research focusing on my career path. I think being a business woman means ordering people around and making money. But that’s just a thought, a dynamic one that differs from time to time.

Tell us what you think: What’s important to you in your life?