The most important thing in life is to learn how to apologise and forgive others for their wrong doings. I’ve come to realize that an apology, has never been an easy thing to do. So many souls on earth are unapologetic for their wrong doings. They insist in their wrong doings and they are always right, at all times. We must comply with the fact that, there is no such thing as always being right on earth.

Being unapologetic is not a good way of approaching life, and I swear that it will never get you anywhere, in life. Some people assume that being unapologetic is cool, I mean, how can that be cool, when it brings pain and hatred? If you are not aware of this, being unapologetic makes people to distance themselves from you and it also ruins your good personality as a human being. Being unapologetic and unwilling to forgive yourself and others, will only lead you to more problems.

Being unapologetic can turn you into scary a monster, that is allergic to the word “sorry”, and you need to know that it is very crucial to be familiar with the word sorry, for it helps to keep relationships flowing smoothly, it brings families closer together and it lightens your world with joy.

You cannot always be right in life, no one is perfect, and sorry is your solution to be right in this wonderful world. If you have wronged several people in your life, don’t be afraid to go to them and ask for forgiveness. Acknowledge your mistakes and learn how to apologise for your mistakes. Invite peace and harmony in your life, by apologising for your wrongs.
Don’t live by hurting other people, instead live by the word of God.
Don’t live with hatred that is within you, instead seek for salvation. God will never forsake our souls. All you need to know, is to learn how to forgive yourself and others, to apologize for your mistakes and to live a happy eternal life.