African Spirituality is one of the most misunderstood concepts by our black people. Spirituality is the state of your soul, beliefs, mind-set and connecting to the infinite. It is a way of life for true Africans who understand their journey. I am not talking about lost souls who say their ancestors are demons.

People always confuse spirituality with religion; those are two different concepts.

Religion is a belief in someone’s experience, whereas spirituality is about your own experience.

In my statement above I said spirituality is a way of life for true Africans. Why did I say true Africans? Obviously, as an African, you’re supposed to embrace your ancestors. Why is it easy for you to embrace ancestors from the bible than your own? Are they better than your own?

Being an African is about understanding exactly what you stand for. Understanding your identity and where you come from.

Unfortunately, some Africans are not ready for the truth, they are in denial don’t want to accept that we can’t all be Christians. As Africans we’ve got our own way of worshiping God.

It is unfortunate that African people can do everything to protect a religion that killed their own ancestors, yet do nothing to protect their own. I say it killed their ancestors because they said: “Convert to Christianity or die”.

How can something good, who came with good intentions, tell you to stay away from your ancestors, they’re demons. This person lived and raised you, but now that he/she is dead they convert to demons. Does it make sense to you or do you want to believe it makes sense?

There are things that we believe are true but they will never be true, no matter how much we want them to be.

According to my understanding, a demon is an evil spirit. So you’re telling me that your father, mother or sister, when they die, convert to demons no matter how good they were when they were still alive?

There is a distinction between an ancestor and a demon.

With spirituality, you are welcome to question things when you don’t understand, you are not forced to believe like I believe and have experienced with Christianity. They will be like, “Don’t question the word of God.” That is a trick because they want you to remain blind.

It is my strong belief that in religion you are good when you ask no questions; the fewer the questions the follower asks, the better. The word of God says what it says, don’t question a thing.


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