Once upon a time, there was a man who lived in a dark forest and as he had no faith in God, the days of his life became upside down and empty. He spent many of his precious moments to live walking, looking, picking up and carrying tons of garbage, without realising the nature of his blindness, he wanted to just hopefully end his days in peace.

The high expectations of his life had all failed him, for after all the struggle of ages he had been through, the whole of him became weak and empty but the days remained constant. Along the way of darkness, he decided to cease his journey to nowhere. He stood beside a hard rooted tree and thought of what he had done wrong and how to mend his life.

He bowed down and cried out loud, pleading with God not to forget him and leave him behind, saying: “My Lord, what have I done wrong to suffer like this? I am almost a dead body, why don’t you just take my soul too, rather than letting the King of Hell burn it away? I know that I have sinned and provoked you more than once, but please forgive me.”

As a result of the power of his prayer, the darkest cloud covered the whole place; the rain showered for about an hour and stopped while he was shouting the name of God alone in the mist and whimpering like a hungry puppy. A few hours later, the dark cloud moved off slowly and finally changed its shape; from the darkest colour into white; and left him with a clear, enormous, shiny white image of a cross in a sky.

He was amazed and wished to know what this was all about. While he was wondering, a roaring voice came out of that big shiny white cross, ordering him to have faith, hope and love in Christ and persist in walking and looking for the purpose of meeting, knowing others and finding a church with a symbol of a cross, where he would be cleansed and marked as one of the good shepherds, and where joy and peace would await him.

Poor, lonely and lost, the empty-handed man listened, and had himself some quiet time to understand. He realized that it was the voice of God and concluded by saying “My God, I will forever follow You and please You by doing only what is good before You and under Your lead as the Father of ages.” He walked towards the mountain and climbed to the very top with powerful confidence. On his tiring way forward, he looked further ahead and saw a huge white iron cross, and on it was written “Christian Fellowship Church.”

Under it, there was a white building. He stopped and asked himself whether that cross was the one he was told about, then kept on walking until he reached his destination. He overheard the sweet melody of voices inside that building singing Hosanna.

Before he entered the building, one of the priests came out. “Son, this building is called a Church. God is so delighted to see you taking the rightful path of Christianity, and of becoming a member of the Christian Fellowship Church, and forever be dwelling in the house of God. We have been waiting for you, and we knew you would make it here someday. That day has come!” he said.

As the man entered the building, he had the faith to clear all of his past miseries and to be born again. He was cleansed, spiritually born again, forgiven all his sins, and finally given the mark of the cross so that he could be seen and known as the son of the Peacemaker, a man of God and to find peace, love and live happily ever after.


Tell us: Do you think that miracles still happen today?