Ever wondered what life and death are? How does life differ from death and vice versa? Life is beautiful, yet l cannot say the same for death. A poet once said ‘Death be not proud’. Life is one strange but understandable something. Yes, life has its own ups and downs, but it is an honourable thing to have.

Life is sweet and divine, while death is all misery and misfortune. Life comes with death. One is born and another dies. I guess that’s how it should be; nature works in its own way that is not understandable. Nature has its own demands; it gives life and takes life. I have never died before, but l can tell you that death is bitter and sour. I have lost loved ones due to death. Death does not allow us to wave our last and final goodbyes to our beloveds. But each death is unique and with a message. The message is that life is short. Enjoy it while it lasts because no one lives forever. There is a deep connection between life and death.

Life is wonderful; life is great. Life needs one who makes the most out of it. One who creates unforgettable life experiences. Life is complicated, but the emotions tied to life break the bond of life’s difficulties. Life is like a chemical reaction: you need two or more elements to call it a chemical reaction. Life is a bond, it shares experiences by different individuals with other individuals.

Life is like a book with endless chapters. A Zulu proverb says, “umuntu yicwadi engafundeki”, meaning a person is a book, which is unreadable. A person is life; life gives rise to a person. That is why we need the heart to pump blood and show that we are alive. There is a lot that can be said about life, but my fear is l cannot say the same for death.

Death is difficult to talk about as it brings tears, anger and memories to most people. No-one has died and came back to tell the story. Although death is also a book with many chapters, it is up to you to open and read it.

The connection between life and death is found deep within yourself. I love life because l lived it, but the chapters of my book still continue and l read still. I am not an enemy to death, neither am I a fan of it because l know the pain death brings. Trust me, l know the pain. The rhetorical questions one asks themselves; l have asked myself.

Death be not proud indeed; you are an enemy of happiness and life. Why do we say rest in peace when one dies? Death, your day too shall come for you to die. You will die, death, because nothing lives forever.


Tell us: Do you believe death is an enemy to life?