There are times where you just feel like the whole world is not on your side. You just feel like everything else is not going well in your life. You start to ask yourself if your life is alright or fine. You start to wonder what has happened for you to start feeling the way you are feeling. You even start to ask yourself if every person is feeling the same way you are feeling. As you’re outside your window, you see birds playing hide and seek in trees, children going to school with happy faces. When you get to the kitchen, you see your mother greeting you with a lovely face and a smile. You even start to wonder why everyone is happy except yourself.

You sometimes try to change the way you are feeling by reading some interesting short stories, novels, poems, and you even reach a point of watching your favourite movies just to feel different. You sometimes try to listen to your favourite songs just to change the way you are feeling, but you fail to do so.

When all these tactics fail, you even fail to focus on your studies as well as at your working place. Your favourite food becomes tasteless to you. You even choose not to eat anything because you don’t feel any sense of hunger besides everyone around you having that feeling of a food worm. Even when your friends try to visit you, you fail to focus on the type of stories they try to cherish together with you. This is not because you don’t want your friends to be telling their stories, but you just have that sense of feeling that you don’t feel yourself anymore.

If you are one of the victims who feel this way in most of your times, always remember, this is not the time for you to be feeling like you don’t belong to this world but this this is the time where you have to sit down and think about your life. You have to know that there are people out there who are living in countries where there is always war but still manage to bring up their smile and live in the country as if there is nothing happening in their country. There are people who are in prison but still manage to feel like they are human beings. They are able to attract happiness in their lives like a magnet. For you to be happy always and feel that you are a human being. Read the Holy Bible all the time because it is the book where all your problems and questions are answered by God. You don’t belong here on Earth to be living a miserable life. Be happy always and stay blessed. Lastly, stop having negative feelings about yourself.


Tell us: What do you do when you’re feeling down?