I lay on my back and stare at the ceiling. I listen to the rain falling on my rooftop. The darkness folds into every nook and cranny as I drift further in a state of rest and peace.

I call this place my dreams. This place is calm and chaotic, a gentle gust of wind flowing through the clean crisp air. There has to be a balance; calm and chaotic, but in my dreams, they are not to be what you ever even expected.

The final drop of my eyelids send me falling, free falling through the stars and galaxy, only to be caught by a gas cloud. A cloud which used to be a beautiful star, but all stars burn out eventually. I see you waiting patiently, playing with the fringe of your hazel hair. The wind blows slightly and causes you to glance up from your state of boredom, only to light up your face with sheer joy as you see me arrive.

I take a few steps forward and the cloud falls away to reveal a lush-green forest. I grab your hands which glisten in the sunlight, and trace my finger along your soft white skin. My nerves explode by the feeling of such realism in touch. Our bodies connected, yet I am still asleep, where could you be? My fingers stop at your lips and I stare into your eyes.

In the distance the sounds of nature play a tune, the birds chirping and a mixture of the wind and a stream not so far away give us a rhythm to breathe to. My head on your chest as it rises and falls, rises and falls. The steady beating of your heart syncing with mine. In this moment of time and space, we become one. Your fears and problems drift away as I hold you closer, just to feel your breath upon my forehead. What more could I want from this moment? Your touch? I feel you move your hand to reach for mine but it fades and blows away with the wind, followed by your arm, your shoulder.

I am left lying on the ground bare and emotionless. What am I without you? What is my purpose? Your touch is what I live and long for, breathe and survive for. I know you are not gone, you are just waiting for me. Waiting on the other side.

Time for me to get out of here, back to the place we call reality. I lay on my back and stare at the ceiling, the light starts to evict the shadows and I can hear the ocean roaring. I take a breath and get up. You are waiting on the other side.


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