When death separates us we usually ask ourselves questions. Why? Most of us know how hard is losing someone you love and care about, but it still doesn’t make it easy to bear.

The 26th of July 2014 was one of the hardest times in my life; my lovely, beautiful and kind grandmother passed away.

I cried, asking myself if this was really happening – I felt so pale. She was an amazing woman who loved people. Every single day when I think about her I get so emotional. I really loved her with all my heart and we were very close; she was the best. When we talked to each other, it was like we were best friends. We would laugh together and she had this lovely smile which I loved a lot.

She always spoke motivational words to me.

“You must not be corrupt and do nasty things,” she said before her death, “you should always concentrate on your school work.” I promised her that I would do the right thing. I wish she could see me grow up to be a successful young woman in life. I will always remember her.