Angel lived in Kurhuleni village in Mpumalanga. She was 21and had two young brothers, Njabulo and Joy, whom she loved dearly.

She wanted to be a good example to her brothers by being responsible, well-educated and with a really nice job. But all this seemed impossible to her.

She had managed to pass her matric well but couldn’t go further with her education due to a lack of finances. Almost all her community members had no interest in education or improving their lives. Moreover, the government had never shown interest or care for them. The youth of her village would rather do drugs, and alcohol.

Angel wanted a better life. Sometimes she would see herself being a super star in the music industry, a good performer, and a superhero in her country. She imagined owning and running child care homes, helping children with their needs, and creating job opportunities.

But all this gave her a huge problem; it troubled her all day long! She would always sit quietly in her room and avoid people. She would stay there for a long time asking herself questions, “Dear my inner person…I believe that you are the most beautiful soul. I feel your goodness, you are so precious to me. You have always shown me beautiful dreams, and great ideas that will change my life completely.

“I have lots of wishes, but why can’t I reach them? I have beautiful dreams, but why don’t they come true? Why? I know that you would not choose to live in me and reveal these beautiful dreams, only for them to remain just that – dreams. Why can’t I just do it, what went wrong? How do I even begin? Oh dear Lord! Please help me just one chance I won’t disappoint you just one chance, please show me the way,” she would pray and pray
All of this has made her a very quiet girl.

Her mother loved God so much and worshipped him regularly. She would try to comfort her and create some work to do so that she’d be busy and away from stressful thoughts.

One day, Angel’s mother could see through her child that truly she was not okay. Then she decided to sit down with her and try to talk to her. Finally, Angel managed to express her emotions and share her dreams, thoughts and her wishes.


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