It left me speechless and empty with my eyes seeing a new paradise, one that my mind couldn’t even dream of creating. Fresh breath-taking ocean air and virgin white sand.

We were all ecstatic that moment on the road trip. We made sure that everything was packed, waiting for us to hit the road. We’d wanted to go on holiday since we hadn’t had any bliss, love and quality time together in such a long time. Unfortunately, we had forgotten the most important item for the road trip, the aux. A road trip without music is as bad as a car with a punctured wheel.

The alluring view of the places past filled me with emotions since I was so enjoying the beautiful journey to all these new places. Old school jams came out to bring the fun into the road trip, and it was like going back to my childhood and reminiscing about the times when we’d imitate our favourite artist and sing their hit jams. Even though we all sounded like winners of the wooden mike, those moments of off-notes and vocals had turned on a tune of love and connection that we had lost.

We finally arrived at our destination and it was all worth it. The first thing that I had felt when I got there was the warm comfort of the energy in Mozambique. The wide sparkling ocean blue sea view, ready to be dipped into by my impatient and excited self. The water was a cool and soothing feeling on my skin that flowed through me like cold wanter on a hot day. The whole family laughed at me as if I’d never seen the ocean before.