I was just a lonely tree in a desert, without water to nurture me, no shade to calm me down after the fire I experienced every day. I was holding onto the soil called sand that can easily be blown away by air.

I was a mile away from the rest of the world, no one cared about me or how I was holding up to the sand, they were only waiting for the time when I’d dry up so that they could cut me down and burn me into ash, since the sun in the desert is not capable of obliterating me completely. But it turned out that there was an eye watching over me that finally showed me sympathy. I don’t even know who you are or where you came from but you’ve made me stand tall again, you took me away from the desert along with my hopeless roots and put me into your greenhouse in fertile soil. Now my roots have grown stronger and I no longer waiver.

I know that I’m not holding onto a temporary relationship that will cut me off over some time and I know you won’t cut off my branches. But of course you’d never do that since you’re the one who stitched me up in the first place, so it would be entirely pointless for you to do a stupid thing like that. All you want is to see me growing along with you. I have to say I’m starting to see some results too, my leaves are beginning to blossom, which makes you happier, looking at the beauty you cared for. It finally shines a green light on your life and you’re in good shape, since I’m taking care of you as well and I will always bear fruits for you.

I don’t want your shape to be ruined because of me, since you always nurtured me. You never get tired when it comes to that so now I’m returning the favour by monitoring your breath, making sure that no toxicity will harm you. That’s why I’m taking away toxic gas from you and giving you clean and fresh gas.

I will always provide for you, that’s why I’m offering shade for you, to protect you from the cruel harsh situations that come with the sun’s darkness. I will bring comfort that offers refreshment, giving you air that will calm your soul, and I’ll be there whenever the temperature rises beyond control. You’re welcome to relax near me and you can vent anything out, I won’t dare laugh, because it’s my duty to make sure that you’re in a good mood, with good health and good spirits.

I will protect you from stormy winds, I won’t let anything blow you away from me since you’re the one who truly saved me from being sunburnt, and my previous destiny that didn’t have purpose nor a future. You gave me hope, that’s why I’ll also save you from sunburn and whatever might threaten you. I will always take good care of you, the same way you have taken good care of me.


Tell us: Do you have someone like that in your life that you want to take care of?