The sun’s rays pierced the classroom windows, microwaving and blinding us with abundant beams of light. Mrs Govender read an extract from the maths textbook, introducing the next complex sum we were about to tackle as we anxiously waited for the bell to ring.

I remember being kicked out of class for making fun of Mrs Govender’s thick Indian accent as she said, “The answer is 48.” I impersonated her, yasho indakazo as I laughed even louder than everyone else in the class.

She looked at me sternly and said, “Biyela! Headmasters office now.” She pressed the intercom and the secretary buzzed back, then I was summoned to Mr Jones’ office and charged with a 4 hours’ headmaster’s detention.

Saturday 8:30am, 3 more hours on the clock, I am the only prisoner in this penitentiary.

From then onwards my mind-set changed. I still rebelled, but would not let myself get put in that situation again, I had to get smarter. I resolved never to be caught again.