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Okay jABU you are the first person I read each and every story you have here. Your stories are fab. And for each and every story I somehow pick up something to write about . Your words, when I'm reading your stories it feels like I'm somehow part of that story . Keep it up . You are good.
felicity zulu · 5 years ago
Awesome work, I'm proud. Keep pushing cuz.
Victoria Ntuli · 5 years ago
I also had the same problem too. I had so many ideas in my mind but I couldn't present them through writing because of my vocabulary. First thing you need to do is increase your vocabulary by reading anything. Then start writing short stories or essays that will help you to think easily and more. Do not give up. Do it everyday and you'll be good.
Innocent2 · 6 years ago
I wish I can become an author too but I don't know how please advice
sinqobile Mhlamvu · 6 years ago