I was in the hospital bathroom when I suddenly felt a sharp cold breeze cutting through my face. I paused for a moment, overwhelmed by a sudden sense of ghostly presence in there. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end. I froze still. My heart thumping against my chest felt like bursting out any second.

Your mind is probably playing tricks on you, stay calm, I thought to myself. Slowly, casting my eyes across the corners of the room, in search of any supernatural being, that might be. But there was nothing. Only eerie silence prevailing across the air.

For a moment, I tried so hard to keep cool but, my gut instinct could smell a rat.

I was heavily gulping with my hands shacking uncontrollably. I jumped out of the white bath in terror, grabbed my grey towel hung on the cream white wall to dry myself immediately.

Suddenly, I felt something tapping on my shoulder from my back. It felt like cold human fingers playing piano.

I glanced behind but there was nothing. The fingers feel went off instantly. There bathroom lights started flickering violently. My head weight went heavy enough to hurl my body on floor and my limbs felt like they were not there.

I couldn’t scream or shift. It was as if my mouth was gagged with a cloth and my feet glued on the floor. In just one blink, the room was suddenly enveloped by darkness and my eyes were covered by temporary blindness.

I don’t remember how I managed to escape out of that creepy bathroom. But I found myself screaming my lungs out in the empty hallway.

“Help! Nurse! Nurse!”

In less than a sec, I stormed into my ward like a freed bullet from a riffle.

As I jibbed next to my bed in terror I was greeted by the ugliest sight ever. Every single patient lay bleeding dead in their beds, some of their hands dangled across the bed sides. For a while, I was paralysed and my mind was deranged.

Then terrible male nurse laughter burst out from behind. I quickly looked back, there, behind the door, stood a spooky male nurse dredged in blood. He licked a blood-dripping dagger and charged at me like a mad rhino. And that’s when I woke up, out of my fatal dream, sweat dripping down from my forehead.


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