A mob has gathered outside of the Magistrate and Councillor’s house. When they break through the gates, the pregnant Councillor will wake up to a few unpleasant surprises.

Cast of Characters
Magistrate – husband of the Councillor and in trouble with the townspeople
Councillor – wife of the Magistrate and pregnant with his child
Mob – angry townspeople who are upset with the Magistrate
Woman – a member of the mob of townspeople
Mr. Long – leader of the mob
Captain – runs the town’s police force
Nurse 1 – primary care person for the Councillor
Nurse 2 – works in the hospital with Nurse 1
Kid – running around the hospital with his friends

A small town, specifically right outside the Magistrate and Councillor’s house

(A fuming mob is chanting outside the Councillor’s house. Both the Councillor and her Magistrate husband come out to appease the raging crowd on the other side of their locked, silver gate.)

Mob: (Chants) Magistrate! Boo! Magistrate! Boo! Boo! (Pointing at the ground with their sticks) Must fall! Boo! Boo!

Councillor: (Makes a calming gesture with her hands) People! People! Can you please-

(The mob leader deliberately turns a blind eye to the Councillor’s presence and the chanting intensifies.)

Magistrate: (Shouts) OK! OK! OK! People, we’re not sure what the problem here is. Can somebody enlighten us!?

Mob leader: (Throws a ‘stop’ hand gesture in the air. The mob becomes still and soundless) The problem? (Giggles and turns around to his people) Did you hear that? This beast here… (Aggressively pointing at the magistrate with a stick on his hand)

(The heavily pregnant Councillor interrupts.)

Councillor: (Politely) Mr. Long, please…help us to help you. We need to know your grievances before…

(One woman from the crowd shouts.)

Woman: Oh please! Cut the stupid pretence! We are aware that you know what your monster husband did to that little girl’s family!

Mob leader: (Adds) You dog!

(The mob shout in unison.)

Mob: Exactly!

(Both the Councillor and her husband look at each other, utterly confused. The chanting continues and aggressions go from bad to worse)

Councillor: (Asks her husband) Do you know what they are talking about? What case-

Magistrate: I suggest you go inside the house, before these mad cows harm you. (Takes out his phone and starts dialing) Captain, I have a serious problem here, I need you to send the police to my house immediately.

(The captain can hear the aggressive chant from the phone.)

Captain: OK.

(A few people from the mob shout.)

Mob: He called the cops, so let’s show him real madness!

(They start pushing the gate destructively. The Councillor and her husband run inside the house. It’s been 30 minutes without a single cop showing up. The Magistrate is on edge, peeking through the window. His wife’s sitting on the couch. The angry mob’s voices can be heard groaning and chanting. The gate is close to toppling to the ground. The Magistrate is now pacing around.)

Councillor: What? Are they still coming? Why don’t you try again?

Magistrate: (Ceases furiously) Argh, how am I supposed to think when your whiny little voice goes through my thick skull?

Councillor: You haven’t answered my question.

Magistrate: OK, I’ll call again!

Councillor: (Slowly stands up) No, not that.. I mean which case are these people talking about?

Magistrate: (Impatiently) Well, I have no clue either, I’ve presided over so many cases.

Councillor: Come on, cut the act, I can see you’re bothered by this.

Magistrate: Are you not?

Councillor: You know what I… (She feels the baby kick and touches her stomach. In a single blink her water breaks)

Magistrate: Are you OK? Oh my! Are you…?

Councillor: Call the ambulance, please!

(The mad crowd, finally pushed the gate open, the mob is flooding into the magistrate’s yard.)

Magistrate: OK! (He drops the phone, and as he turns to the window, his eyes meet the blood thirsty crowd sprinting towards the front door, everyone in the crowd armed with deadly weapons)

Councillor: (Screams hysterically) No!

(The following day, the Magistrate’s wife wakes up in hospital.)

Nurse 1: (Walks in) How are you doing, ma’am?

Councillor: Where’s my husband? And my new born baby? Is it OK?

Nurse 1: Ma’am, please, calm down.

Councillor: Don’t tell me to calm down! (Shedding tears) Where is my kid!? Answer me, damn it!

(A second nurse walks in.)

Nurse 2: Is everything fine?

Nurse 1: She’s a little bit over emotional, I suggest we put her to sleep.

Councillor: (Shouts) No! No, please, don’t!

(They hold her tightly and one of the nurses injects her on the arm.)

Councillor: No, please…please, don’t… Plea… (She dozes off)

(20 minutes later, the Councillor is wide awake, the nurse standing beside the bed.)

Nurse 1: How are you?

Councillor: Please, nurse, tell me, where’s the Magistrate? Is he fine? My baby?

(Nurse 1 sighs sadly. A young kid comes in running, holding scissors in his hand.)

Nurse 1: Hey! What’s wrong?

Kid: My friends are chasing after me.

Nurse 1: Tell your friends to stop it, or else I’ll give them a spank, and where did you get those scissors from?

Kid: I got it from one of the reception chairs.

Nurse 1: OK, bring it here and tell your pals to go play outside.

(She takes the scissors and casually tosses it on the table, next to the bed where the Councillor lays.)

Nurse 1: Kids, hey! (Turning back to the Councillor) What was I saying? Oh, um…are you sure you want to know?

Councillor: (Desperately) Yes, nurse, please.

Nurse: Well, your husband…he was killed by the crowd. I’m sorry you’re going through such a pain.

Councillor: What? And my kid?

Nurse 1: (Silence envelops the ward for a moment) She couldn’t make it either, she died a few minutes after her birth…she was such a beautiful soul.

(Another nurse pokes around the door)

Nurse 2: Nurse, can you please quickly come this side?

Nurse 1: OK, I’ll be there now, now. (She sighs) Look, I have to go. I’ll be back soon.

(The Councillor is silent. As the nurse turns away, the Councillor jumps out of bed, grabs the scissors on the table and lunges at the nurse from behind, stabbing her several times. The nurse dies. She screams and stabs herself in the stomach and dies too.)


Tell us: Would you react like the Councillor did?