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Yes I do
Khulakahle Khumalo · 2 years ago
Hello, It's been a year since this collection was put together by FunDza. Hope the pieces written does move one's mind and soul and create a room for gender-less society and equal rights for all. Happy Women's Month to all women, zimbokodo ❤💚💛🧡💟💜💖
Evah Thembi · 3 years ago
The women's needs the protection from their family not abuse Madoda stop kill women's and children and women please stop using the Umuthi for marriege and to be loved.
Mzweyla · 3 years ago
Wathinta abafazi wathinta imbokodo!🙋‍♀️✊
Pacy · 3 years ago
# WOMEN are strong
Kgetua · 3 years ago
Great#Women power
agathamologadi@gmail.com · 3 years ago
Siyanikhumbula · 3 years ago
Women Are Strong And Brave Through Trying Times In They're Lives Are Able To Smile Through Those Teary Eyes Each Day
Smile Tonia · 3 years ago
I wish there was a coarse about this, just like the Rainbow 🌈 Love coarse
MeLoDy2929 · 3 years ago
Beautiful! Happy women's month ♡♡
AmandaMandy · 3 years ago
So much inspiration
Tkthedj · 3 years ago
All ladies are women's but it's takes a real women to be a mother
Spadolicious · 3 years ago
Very inspiring and empowering
Sithole 22 · 3 years ago
Tamsyn · 3 years ago
It is good to know that we celebrate woman
Precious mpho · 3 years ago