Yeah, I’m a woman.
The one who bottles her feelings inside
Putting all negative comments aside

Yeah, I’m a woman
The one who always puts a smile on her face
A smile that everyone would like to embrace

I am woman
The one who prepares a hot plate for her loved ones before they go to bed

I am a woman
Ensuring that my family ate
Even if it’s just tea and bread

I am a woman
The one who strives for success
In order for her to be independent someday

I am a woman
I will be successful, nonetheless
I will not throw my dreams away

I am a woman
The one who bears a soul inside her womb
Give birth to a beautiful creature

I am a woman
The one who makes sure to prepare a warm room
For the one who’s one day going
To be a “wise teacher”

I am a woman
A strong,
And beautiful woman


This piece is part of a special collection of essays and poems called Women in the World. Click here to browse more stimulating reads.