Sounds of the aircrafts and cold heavy air
Others land and others fly to the sky
Reminds me of the flight I ought to take
It just left few minutes
I’m with ‘em, my loved ones
Meeting for the last time till meet again
My eyes are teary, hurt
Hypothetical, don’t know whether to still take the flight
I’m on edge and sad
As we’re about to depart
But I can’t cry for the moon
‘Cause I know I can’t come up with ‘em
I know time and tide wait for no man
Opportunities to go so far so great are rare
Last hugs and kisses
The warmth and scent, don’t wanna let go
Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise
Wish I never knew the flight would develop sorrows
Sad tears, sad goodbyes
But I never say goodbye to those whom I love
I know one day we shall meet again
Tomorrow is another day
I shall be happier
Every cloud has a silver lining
Our relationship has to be sacrificed for a while
One cannot make omelette without breaking eggs
I hate the saying ‘the longest day has to come to an end’
Because I know it’s not the end