Let us stop all jokes
Let us play our parts to fill the gaps
Let us solve the unconscious gaps
Lets us share solutions, ideas and suggestions
Let us all solve the puzzle of this catastrophe together
As it impacts us all with its implications
Let us be the change and live up
To be the change we want to see
Let us accept the hand of time
We are living in and accept innovations
This time is time for us to influence changes
In our everyday lives
Let us watch our actions on social media platforms
As we duplicate jokes, videos, and sounds clips
Let us know that whatever
We shall be accountable for our actions
Actions speak louder than words

Words cannot be taken away
Let us all know fake news causes more panic
And more panic causes more fear, fellow South Africans
Let us all wait for right time to tell the story
Before we make our own judgements
The blame game is a hall of shame
We do not need at this point in time
We need each other more than ever before in our everyday lives
We need a rainbow nation to be displayed in our lives
We need to rebuild our lives
The spirit of ubuntu should be revived inside us
Let us wait and listen as we combat COVID-19
Let us stop sharing fake news
Fear alone can kill some of us
More than the virus itself, fear causes damage
Together let’s fights against fake news as it accelerates implications
Among us, fellow South Africans
Let us all stay safe and stay indoors
Together we can do great things
Together moving South Africa forwards