Six months later Thabo was still doing well, but he had no friends at the university. Thabo worked very hard he even slept with books, the only thing that was on his mind was getting his degree.The first year went by, Thabo was still dedicated to the books.Sometimes he would run out of food in the middle of a month.At the begging of the second year Thabo was introduced to a new roommate Jay, who came from a rich family, his father was a minister.”Ayo !ayo waddup brah?”said Jay.
“Hi,” replied Thabo.
“This room looks nice, but I think it needs some chicks in it. How ’bout we warm it up a bit this Friday?”asked Jay.
“What? I’m not here to do parties and plus I can’t waste my money on having fun,” said Thabo.
“Come on Thabo…Man you need a break from these books or else they gon’ drive you mad and don’t worry ’bout the cash ’cause it’s on me brah,” Jay said, pulling out the Black card,Thabo didn’t even believe that it wasreal.
“Is that bank card real?” asked Thabo.
“How could it be fake? It’s all on me this Friday just relax and forget books a bit this weekend it’s gon’ be lit,”said Jay. Thabo thought to himself that he really needed a fresh out plus it’s been a long since he made something that could chill him out. He asked himself why he had to suffer this much while his peers enjoying themselves.
Friday came, Jay took Thabo to the mall. He bought him Christian Louboutin sneakers, Diesel jeans with  long sleeves by  Versace.
“Wow Jay! Where are you getting all this money from man? You’ve spent almost hundred thousand on my clothes not mentioning yours,” asked Thabo.
My dad gives me it and trust me money is non’ to worry ’bout. I make it rain every time i want brah,” said Jay.
Thabo didn’t believe that this was really him who wore R40 000 pair of sneakers from R30 Pep shoes.
Then came the night the party began, friends of Jay pulled up with expensive cars,t oo many beautiful girls were over the house. Thabo felt like it was a dream. He felt like he belonged to that lifestyle and the only thing missing was his mother and three sisters. 
Monday came Thabo realized that it as time to face reality the one that was a nuisance. Of course he wanted money to help his mother while he was still schooling and obviously he couldn’t ask Jay to look after his family. The following week after attending classes he found a piece of paper on the street written: “GET RICH IN A SECOND. RETURN YOUR LOST LOVER. REMOVE BAD LUCKS CALL DR.NGEMA AT 073*****”  Thabo picked it up.

Tell us: Why do you think Thabo picked the paper up?