Later that day after Thabo took a hot shower he decided to looked at the flyer again.He thought to himself that if he wanted fast money there’s only one way which is to call Dr.Ngema.Thabo was no longer patient, he wanted to live like his peers,h e wanted fancy life to flex on his high school friends who used to make fun of him.Before he could call Dr.Ngema he called his mother first. “Hello Mama, how are things at home?”asked Thabo.
“Hi my son,nothing is really okay here my boy. We have four days eating bogobe ka meetsi and yet your sisters haven’t found a job.It’s really hard here,” replied his mother.
“Don’t worry I promise from now things will change for good,” said Thabo.
“What do you mean ‘for good’ Thabo?”asked his mother.
“Look mama I have to go. We’ll talk later.Bye bye I love you,” said Thabo. After he hanged his mother he immediately dialed Dr.Ngemas contacts.
“Dr.Ngema here,”  Dr.Ngema said.
“Hello sir,sorry for calling this late I-I-I saw your flyer this afternoon,” said Thabo.
“Ohh-Okay I don’t actually work on the phone. I’ll send you my location then tomorrow you may come so i can help,” replied Dr.Ngema.
“Okay sir no problem,” said Thabo.Dr.Ngema sent Thabo his location,luckily Thabo had no classes the following day.
“Hey why do you look scared?What was that about village boy?”asked Jay
“Ohh na-nothing brah”,” Thabo replied hesitating.Thabo didn’t want Jay or anyone to know what he was up to. He wanted to be rich and show Jay that he can also do what Jay and his friends are doing.The next day came Thabo was so nervous.He asked Jay to drop him off the taxi rank.Jay told him that he could take Thabo wherever he want ’cause he had no plans for the day but Thabo refused,h. He knew that where he was going was a secret place and he knew Jay would brag to his friends about it.The taxi dropped Thabo where he wanted to go. There  was nothing around that area the taxi driver even got surprised.Thabo was scared starting to regret everything,until the big voice similar to ones of the lion came out of nowhere saying: “DON’T BE SCARED I’M HERE”. Then: Boom – Dr.Ngema just appeared from the ground. That manoeuvre made Thabo to piss his pants. He couldn’t move any of his limbs for one minute until Dr.Ngema, the traditional healer, told him to follow his step. Thabo took four steps forward then after he just vanished.

Tell us:Do you think Thabo is safe or is it okay to choose fast money?