Thabo grew up in a small village named Mbuzing in Limpopo .Thabo lived with his mother and three older sisters in an RDP hous. He had no privacy in the house. Both of his sisters had children.Sometimes he would sleep outside when one of his sisters brought a man to sleepover. He definitely did that to give them privacy. Thabo was a well mannered boy, who was so dedicated to his education and he wanted nothing but success to improve his family status. He was nothing like his sisters. Thabo believed that one day he would break the poverty chain in the family. His family was reliant on SASSA grant.
Thabo passed  his matric well but had no money to pay for the university registration fee. He couldn’t do anything except to take a gap year.The gap year was hell  for Thabo but he managed to hold some temporary jobs for a living. His matric former classmates were continuing with their tertiary education that’s what caused Thabo anxiety. He used to believe that his life was stuck and that he had no future .Sometimes he would wake up at midnight and say: “I would never give up my life like my sisters.” Funny ’cause his sisters were the ones pushing him to his goals.
The years passed by and Thabo received a letter from the University of Pretoria, luckily it was an admission letter.Thabo was so happy he didn’t waste no time to pay the registration fee, plus he also applied for NSFAS. He left his mother with tears of joy, none of his sisters believed that Thabo was going to Gauteng, they were all happy for him and believed that he would change their lives.

Tell us:Do you believe Thabo will really change his family status or maybe his sisters should just get jobs to do so?