It’s Monday and we’re going back to school.We’re writing our final exams. Nothing is the same I’m not feeling school today and I can say I’m a little bit moody.I just tell my friends that I’m not feeling good and that I’d like to be alone to figure out everything.

“Lawkazi!!,”a voice says behind me.I turn back and see that it’s my friend Dudu.She’s the only one I open up to and nothing can be hidden away from her.

“Heyy”,I say faking a smile

“Did everything go well back home.”she says.

“Yes everything went well but you know funerals are funerals,” I say sadly.

“I know my love,take all the time you need to heal don’t try speeding it up,know that I’ll always be here for you okay?”

I love her so much she’s my favorite friend. She always knows what a person needs to hear.I’m willing to keep her forever.

“I will my love you’re the best,” I say hugging her tightly.

“Is there something you need to tell me maybe?”she says smiling.

“No I don’t have anything to tell you.”

“Sure sure?you mean nothing happened back there like meeting a new guy or anything?” she asks.

“okay well you got me, something might have happened.”

“I knew it ,I knew it,I knew it!!she says excitedly.

This is gonna take a long day.But then I don’t mind chatting to my favorite friend telling her what’s on this crazy mind of mine.We go to our maths class since we’re done writing.

“So I met this guy he asked for my tens and I gave them to him and we’ve been chatting.”

“ he cute,how does he look.”she asks smiling.

“He is actually nice.”

Bee is a tall light skinned guy he’s good looking,he has a great sense of fashion.His smile omw it’s to die for.

“Details my love details.“she says.

“You gotta see him yourself love.”

My day is getting better.We leave the class and head home.

I walk to the taxi rank alone leaving my friends behind.I take a chilled walk just to figure out what’s going on with my life.Is what I’m doing aligning with God? Am I in the right path?Can I focus on school with all this happening.

I get in the taxi and I put on my earphones. I gotta try relaxing.

I decide on checking my phone and I find a message from Bee.

Hey are you good I hope you had a great day today.Please go easy on yourself you’ll heal.

Heal?From what actually or uhm the funeral.I am gonna heal but it won’t be easy.I feel like crying out loud now but everything will be okay.

I had a nice day today thanks and you?Dude you know that’s not easy as you say it.

Bee replies again and this seems like it’s gonna get me where I’ve always wanted to get to.His relationship with Sis Nyane.

I had just normal day.Just studying stress and school itself stress.As for the healing part I know it’s not easy trust me, I know it.I’ve been trying so hard to get through it.But I can’t seem to accept it.I think of her daily.She was indeed a blessing in many people’s lives.

At least finally someone relates to what I’m going through.Someone hears my loud cry.Someone cares I’m not in this alone.I reply back.

She was a beautiful soul.She was one of a kind and she always advised me when I needed an advice.I really enjoyed having her around.Her vibe was something different,unexplainable.I would hear her voice from far.She cared about the family and she was hard working.I’ll never forget her.

I pour out all my emotions and it feels better.

Yeah she would also advise me on girls. She would always try to protect me from almost anything.She was a queen and I miss her so much.She was the best aunt in the world.

I also miss her.I loved her and still do even to this day.So she was Bee’s aunt but how though? We can’t be related no ways.

What an amazing soul we lost.So she was your aunt?

I had to ask that.I need to know at least.

Yes she was my aunt not by blood but by bond.And she also meant a lot to me.So don’t think you’re alone I’ll always be here to listen if you need an ear.

I feel honored and seen.Maybe meeting Bee wasn’t so bad after all.We can definitely be friends now.

ο»ΏThank you Bee you’re a good friend.

I texted that without thinking but it’s fine right? Like if I consider him as my friend even if he doesn’t.