The text is making me think really hard.I mean I hardly know myself.If you wanna get to know someone you’ve got to spend sometime with them right?

Then you’ll get to see what kind of person are they.Yeah that’s right face to face talk!!But can I do it?No no I’m not gonna do that a text is the right thing now.

I don’t really know where to start but it’s okay.I’m a Christian girl,I love reading books and also writing them.I love church.I am a very determined person when I set my focus on something. I dislike self centered and dishonest people.I talk a lot but only when I’m around people that I’m close to. I’m picky with the energy I surround myself with.I don’t just open up to anyone unless I’m comfortable with you or if I trust you.

I did it ohh yes I did it.I actually put all the details about myself into words.I’m so proud of myself.

That wasn’t so hard right.It was not at all.Lemme just sleep plus it’s not like I wanna wait for the insensitive guy’s reply.

It’s in the morning me,Zee and Khuli are busy packing up our things.We’re leaving tommorow yes we’re going back to Bloem.We came here at Rustenburg for the funeral.But it’s time to go.

I am sad because we have to leave Hlehle.I hope she’s strong enough to get through it.I hope she knows I’ll always be here for her.

“Baby you’re leaving me,” says Hlehle.

“Dude you know that I love you right?”,I reply to her with a sad face.

“Yeah I do, don’t take it seriously I’ll be fine,” she says.

“I’ll come and visit you my love and I’ll always be in contact with you,” I reply happily.

“Yeah please don’t forget to update me with what’s going on between you and Mr lover boy,” she says laughing.

“Yess, kana you’re joling now,” says both Zee and Khuli.

“Lol nothing’s going on,so there’s nothing I’m gonna be updating you on so get a life.”

“Arggh whatever,” they all say laughing.

We here a car beeping and its my aunt we’re leaving.We all do a group hug.

“You should never come here again, you make my child get used then you leave.”says granny.

“Sorry gogo we will visit again on holidays.”

We’re now in the car and I’m thinking about everything.The funeral,Hlehle and Bee. Everything’s been moving so fast I can’t even get time to think.A message comes in my phone and I quickly check it.

We really gonna get along so well,I like your personality and your vibe is my kind of vibe.Have a safe trip dear friend.

So cute it’s from Bee.So he knows I’m leaving maybe Hlehle told him.But I’m impressed with him caring about my well being.

Thank you ,I will have a safe trip.

I’m tempted to ask him about his relationship with my late aunt but I guess he will tell me when he’s ready.