I get back home and no one is around.I go to my neighbor’s house to fetch the key.I make my way in the house and it’s a mess.I realize that I have a lot of cleaning to do.I undress and put on comfortable clothes.I put on some chilled music on my phone.Lock the door and start cleaning.

I’m nearly done and I sit on the bed to check for any messages in my phone.No messages. I put my phone on the bed and I finish up cleaning.

There’s a knock on the door and it’s my granny.I search for the key and I unlock the door.

“You’re back,how was school mtanami?”my granny asks.

“It was nice makhulu but I have a lot of homework to do,”I say smiling.

“Okay mtanami,makhulu will not disturb you any longer I’m here to get my clothes I’ll be sleeping at Selina’s house she’s not feeling well.”

“Okay Ma,tell her to get better soon.”

“Please don’t forget to lock the door,”she says.

“I’ll lock it right away Ma i love you,”I say hugging her.

“Love you too mtanami,”says makhulu making her way out.

My granny has left now again.She’ll be sleeping at her little sister’s place today.Guess I’ll only be left with my sis today.But she arrives late at night so I might as well say I’m home alone today.

I have to study.So I decide on getting over with it.

I take out my books.Go to the kitchen.Make coffee for myself.Make a cheese toasted bread and I make my way back to the kitchen.While eating I open my phone.I got 2 messages one from Hlehle another one from Bee.I open Hlehle’s first and I read it.

Heloo!!to the best cousin in the world.How are you going with Mr Lover guy?Is everything alright between you two. Please buy me airtime if you want I love you.

Arrgh I realize that I miss her so much. My crazybug.I knew it she wouldn’t just text me without asking for something but she deserves it for being the best.I reply to her message.

Hey love everything’s good thanks nothing much is going on.You’ll get your airtime tommorow my love.How’s everything going on your side? You know that I love you too.

I check Bee’s message and I find something that makes my heart stop for a second.I ignore it and get back to work.

What am I gonna do now?With everything been going on so well.Oh lord help me.I gotta text Hlehle and let her know.No I think it’s too soon for that.

i get a reply from Hlehle.

Are you sure you’re telling me everything?I’m trying man everything will get better but nothing feels the same now.But I think I’ll get better with time.I miss you guys so much.

I’m not telling her everything I admit it.But I can’t tell her now. I have a lot in my mind to process.I’ll just have to lie to her.But it’s not like it’s a deep lie.It’s my life and I have a right to not tell anyone my business if I’m not comfortable with doing so.

Yes dear you know you’ll be the first one I tell when something is happening.We miss you more and I can’t wait for the holidays.Stay strong love we’re in this together and don’t forget to dream about me <3.

It’s 20:45 and I’m writing tomorrow.I change into my pjs.Read my bible,make a few notes and pray.I prepare to get into bed.

There’s a knock on the door and I go get it.It’s my sister.I open up for her and she gets in.

“Hello love how was school?”she says.

“Except from the stress of having to study and extra classes it was nice thanks, and how was work?

Work was work as usual.”she says.

“Life neh?I can’t wait till I’m done with school anyway I’m off to bed now.”

“This early?, okay then sleep tight.”she says.

I’m lying on the bed with eyes wide open.I’m thinking too hard about the text.Should I answer it or not?Was accepting Bee as a friend a bad thing?I’m so dissapointed right now.