It’s Saturday Morning, Nosiphiwo wakes up next to Thabiso. She frowns and quickly jumps of the bed


Thabiso wakes up and smile

Thabiso: Good morning my beautiful lady, last night was fun. I hope I made you feel special.

Nosiphiwo:you took advantage of me Thabiso!!

Thabiso:Haibo,brika bova I did What!!

Nosiphiwo:yes!!…I was so overwhelmed,…I… wasn’t thinking straight last night and you used me.

Thabiso:Eh,Sis I didn’t rape because right now it like you’re implying that I raped you or something.we both enjoyed simultaneously

Nosiphiwo:Thabiso ,I was a virgin for goodness sake. I’m still a teenager,oh Nkosi ngizoba yini kuMaGumede…What about my career ,my status at school,oh Jesus.Ngaze Ngazisoooola Jereva!!!!

Thabiso: Okay come down My Lady,we just had sex .no one has been killed

Nosiphiwo looks at him as he’s saying that out of disbelief.

Thabiso: okay I shouldn’t have said that I’m sorry.Look uyitekeni eGrand MaQwabe and I love you. I agree I kinda let my emotions get the best out of me but Ngiyakuthanda MaGumede wammy.

Nosiphiwo: you won’t leave now,will you??

Thabiso:of course not I love you.and I’ll stand by your side my lady.

Nosiphiwo:(Relieved)ok ,now what do I do when I’m around Mom. I’m scared she’ll notice. I’m no longer a virgin.

Thabiso: Simple.Be yourself my love,ngeke a notice nix. Your mother trusts you so .ngeke akucabangele izinto yourself bath in front of her,roam around with bumshot njengenjayelo .


Thabiso: Trust me ,it Will work.because if you don’t do that she’ll somehow suspect you’re hiding something.

Nosiphiwo:okay I better get going before.she catches me that angilalanga ekhaya.

Thabiso:go freshen up,I’ll make us breakfast.then you’ll take a leave okay.
It’s 3 weeks later , Nosiphiwo is preparing for the school competition everything has been just fine, her awesome boyfriend Thabiso has been checking up on her and her mother hasn’t noticed a thing.she then suddenly feels like she has to vomit.

Tell me ,what do you think is making her vomit?