It’s 19:00 in the evening, Nosiphiwo is dressed up heading to Thabiso’s apartment; she’s not even scared a bit that she’s going to a stranger’s house.

Thabiso:(standing by the door) Yoh ,My Lady you look amazing I have to say.

Nosiphiwo: (smiles) you’re not to bad yourself Mr
Thabiso:By the way I didn’t get your surname beautiful Nosiphiwo.

Nosiphiwo:Gumede…(before she even asks)

Thabiso:(Praises Nosiphiwo)Qwabe,Yeyeye,phakathwayo…umuhle Makhuzwayo.Minake ngowaka Ngcobo umfana owakamashiya amahle .you can come in…

As she comes in the venue looks dazzling,the flowers match her outfit .


Thabiso:Do you like it,This is all for you my Lady.

Nosiphiwo:Thabiso mft angikaze ngenzelwa into enhle so… Ngiyabonga.

Thabiso:You better get used to it then.

They then start talking as they eat, it’s all going as planned until thabiso can’t hold himself he just wants to kiss Nosiphiwo.He then goes close to Nosiphiwo for a kiss.and of course it clear that Nosiphiwo is in love ,she also doesn’t resist she then kisses him back we’ll one thing leads to another.
do you think for a Top achiever at school, sleeping with a man you barely know is a good idea???