She quickly runs of to the toilet.she then vomits.takes a toliet paper then wipes her mouth. Suddenly thoughts flashes in her mind.

Nosiphiwo: Could, I be…No it’s can’t be.No…

(Phone Ringing it written “My Love”)

Nosiphiwo quickly enters her room and bangs the door.

Nosiphiwo: (Whispering)Baby

Thabiso:MaGumede wammy why are you Whispering is your mom around or something.should I call you later.

Nosiphiwo:No , she’s not (Still Whispering)

Thabiso: So, what’s up with the Whispering.

Nosiphiwo: Thabiso I think I’m…

Thabiso: Pregnant??

Nosiphiwo:Aybo ,how did you know I was going to say that before I even finished the statement??

Thabiso:it not my first time getting someone pregnant so I Know.

Nosiphiwo: What!!…

Thabiso: Come down meet me at our spot I’ll explain.for now just calm down.
it’s In the afternoon Nosiphiwo and Thabiso are together now discussing about the matter they’re currently facing.

Nosiphiwo:Tell me…what else are hiding from me .

Thabiso:Calm down my love.okay first I come from a very rich family.the reason I stay here it’s because my father disowned me after I achieve H on my results.he said I was worthless and didn’t suit his standards.My Father is a doctor and My Mother is politician .my mom is the one paying for my apartment.

Nosiphiwo:Oh…and about

Thabiso:yes seke ngakhuleliswa intombazane at my school. I told my parents about it , they were very supportive and the girl had a miscarriage or so she said. Well after that tragedy our relationship flew apart when I found papers of abortion. I got really furious sahlukana. (Looking in Nosiphiwo’s eyes deeply)

Thabiso: MaGumede I love you.please keep my baby in your womb. I will take care of you and our precious little one .I love you so much.

Nosiphiwo:but Thabiso I’m still young .

Thabiso:I Know Sthandwa Sami. But please believe me. I already told my mom about us and she’s happy about her grand daughter on her way.

Nosiphiwo:How do you Know it a baby girl. I am not even 1 Month.

Thabiso:My ancestors have shown me ,nginabadala.thats the reason why I got H .my father was ignorant because he doesn’t believe in ancestors. So…

Nosiphiwo:so you suffered the consequences.shame my poor boyfriend you’ve been through a lot I have to say.

(they both hugged and Nosiphiwo pulled out)

Nosiphiwo:What about the competition, I’ll be disqualified.

Thabiso :and who said be just my love no one will see a thing

What do you think about Thabiso,And how was the story???