You were there when I laid my head on ur chest
Listening to the rhythm of your heart
I had nothing to stress about
As I opened my mouth to let you know what I thought of, you uttered the words before I could
Thats when I knew you were made for me
When I accidentally turned my head my lips met yours… You said you wanted it to be so
When you held me in your strong muscular arms I knew I wasn’t as strong as you
You made me feel like a small new born who’s innocence meant a difference to the world
You made me feel like a citizen who’s protection depends on an army
You made me feel like a patient who’s life depends on a doctor
You made feel like a trustworthy partner who’s unimaginable love could be proven by Romeo and juliet

You were there when my eyes looked deep into yours
Then you knew how badly I wanted you
When the tone of your voice sounded like an angel
I smelled your unique scent I can never forget

You were there when I got lost in thoughts and you fondled me
With desire I opened up to you Uncontrollably I wanted you to kiss every part of me
Evry passing second I wanted you to be passionately in me
If I were in your shoes I would’ve taken every piece of me in every position right and left
In and out directly to where love is build

But then I opened my eyes and you were still beside me
I was never on your chest
We were still strangers in a plane but I could smell your unique scent as if we had known each other for years