I yearn for your sparkling eyes
Your infectious humour I long
Beautiful you are my treasured prize
In my heart you belong

My tattered hopes your love mends
Catapults my potential to its peak
Your soothing understanding lightens
A future that once looked bleak

In two moments I think of you most
In daytime and night time
Your pure heart makes me boast
Of a love that lasts a lifetime

Your healing spirit, so vivacious
My cup of tea every morning
I savour your love so delicious
You are my crutch when I am falling

True love is best served unconditional
Spiced with commitment and loyalty
Stirred continuously to make it exceptional
Simmering in harmony fit for royalty

Multitudes of what I lost
Your love endured, your love restored
Your patience is warmth cutting frost
You are eternally adored