Forgive yourself for seeking permission to be who you are
For each time you’ve second guessed your decisions.
For the times you ignored your intuition.
Forgive yourself for such self-betrayal.
Forgive yourself for seeking validation.
For the many masks you have had to wear.
The No’s you should have given.
The help you wanted to ask for but could not.
For the anger and resentment you have held towards yourself.
For shrugging your shoulders when you knew the answer.
For believing that what you saw and felt was all in your head.
Forgive yourself for not holding yourself accountable.
For anticipating unpleasant reactions before even trying.
For wasted opportunities and self-sabotaging mechanisms.
For thinking that you were not enough and what you offered was of little significance.
Forgive yourself for thinking that you do not matter.
For quickly wiping your tears because you did not want to be too overwhelming to others.
Forgive yourself for taking rejection so hard and seeing it as a measure of your worth.
Your eyes were blinded by the repetitive experiences of not being wanted than those of being embraced.
Forgive yourself for embracing the familiar misery and comfort of self-pity.
For thinking that the devil you know is better than a different version of you.
Can two walk together without agreeing?
Forgive yourself for agreeing with your own skeleton.
Shed the old you.
Use your “No’s” more.
Worthless, hopeless and helpless might feel like home but are not who you are.
For when God made you, He did not confer with flesh and blood.
Why should you?
Forgive yourself