I have loved you with everything I had

I have given you all I could,

I have tried to show you love

But it was not enough.

Yes, you gave me happiness and love

But, was it real?

Did you mean it when you said “I love you”

Did you mean everything that your were whispering in my ears?

I’m deeply into you,

I still love you,

And you do not seem to get that,

Yet you are saying that you have given me many chances

When you have given me a single chance.

I want to feel love again,

I want to be happy,

I miss being called ‘Babe, My love…’

I miss being in love.

It’s hard to give love a chance again,

You are still in my heart,

You are still all I see and love

You are still my happiness.

But, I have been waiting and waiting,

And it doesn’t worth it.

You have made it loud and clear,

Just wondering why I assume that you will come back to me.

I’m just waiting in a forever darkness

Where no light will ever come.

You have made me look desperate enough,

I have been putting you first and myself last,

But, that did not pay off , it costed me.

Finally, I want to let you go.

I set you free from my heart

I thank you for the best moments you gave and showed,

As for love, I will find love again,

I will be happy.

Go and never look back…