I was with you a moment ago

Out in the dark I lost you

You held my hand so tight suddenly you’re gone

I don’t know when did I lose you

Why did you let go of my hand?

You left me all alone in the darkness

You left me trembling in fear

Now I know I lost you for good

When did we part ways?

I was happy with you

What went wrong?

Was I not enough for you?

Was my love not enough for you?

That you chose to walk away

Now all that’s left are memories

Pains of a broken heart

Love is indeed a spear that slaughters you in a heart

Leaving it floating in pain

I know you’re gone

But my heart can’t forget the pain

And the joy you brought to it

My heart still searches for you in the darkness

Hoping you’ll appear without the light

Holding my hand so tight

As you used to do