My lord, I know. 

I know that you know, 

and What you know 

that we do not know. 

Father I see 

I see that you see, 

and What you see

That we cannot see

I know you hear. 

I know that you hear, 

And What you hear

Is what we say and ask, 

To you. 

The dark cloud is here to torture, 

And make our soul to suffer. 

All it wants is to hurt us, brake our hearts 

And take away your children’s future. 

But, I know you know. 

I see that you see

And I know you hear

What we cannot control 

Our dreams get stolen, 

Even when we are close to you. 

and they call us by names, 

because they know what they have done. 

But we believe and trust in you. 

Our blood has now turned into water, 

And water has now become our blood. 

Sometimes even water ,

doesn’t test like a water.

Because blood has changed how water test. 

But I believe you know. 

And I see you see. 

I hear you hear